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A Beautiful Beach Wedding at La Rambla

The story of a relaxed and intimate civil wedding on the beach by the sea of ​​Rome, at sunset


We had a lot of fun photographing Daria and Mario’s beach wedding at La Rambla near Rome. 

Daria and Mario are a sweet Italian-Russian couple who live between Rome and Paris. They chose us to photograph their wedding immediately after seeing the wedding photos of their dear friends Ilaria and Massimiliano. 

They were very impressed with the natural, spontaneous and creative images of their friends. As we usually say, word of mouth is the best marketing tool in our job! 


Daria got ready at the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton in Rome. The Hilton offers rooms with a very interesting light that allows to capture natural images. Bridesmaid and friends also participated in the preparation, so that we were able to obtain very beautiful images. As documentary photographers, the presence of friends at the preparation is always a positive factor for us because it allows us to have more interactions and therefore more situations to work on. The toast of the Bride with her friends was a nice moment that involved us directly. 

It is always nice being able to melt in the environment we photograph. It allows us to obtain such a spontaneity in the subjects that is impossible to get with a more formal approach. As you can see from the images we were in good company with all the phones cameras aimed at the bride’s dressing. In these cases, rather than cutting the “colleagues” out of the frame, we try instead to include them just to tell the real moment. The bride then got into her car to reach the place of the ceremony. 

At Mario’s house there was a typical Roman family atmosphere, with his parents and brother helping him in the preparation. We believe that the images of these situations get more value over the years, when the memories become more tender and the photos are able to remind the observer of loved people and emotional ties. 


La Rambla is a seaside resort on the Roman coast. Here it is possible to celebrate weddings on the beach at sunset with beautiful and exciting scenarios. At a certain time, in fact, the bathers leave the beach which is rearranged for the events. 

The ceremony area, a few meters from the shore, was set up and decorated in a minimal but elegant style. The guests took their seats on the sides of the walkway that marked the bride’s path. A good thing about a beach wedding is that everyone is more relaxed and the overall style of the all event is more informal. This certainly helps to visually define the personality of the individual people even more, creating an ever-changing balance. 

The arrival of the bride in the right light of the sunset was simply fabulous. A warm and soft light framed this moment. To emphasize it and to make the atmosphere visible, we decided to shoot the scene also from behind by raising the shooting point in order to discover the layout of the place and the guests and to include a portion of the golden sea at sunset. 

Here is another reason why, even in small weddings and with not many guests, we always work in two and always together. While one of us was shooting the bride’s arrival from behind and from above to include all the splendid scenery, the other shot the scene from behind the groom’s shoulders to tell the emotions painted on the faces of the protagonists up close. 

Mario, who was waiting with trepidation, open his face in a huge smile on seeing Daria with her father down the aisle and when they got close to him he took her from his father’s trembling hands looking her straight in the eyes and expressing his irrepressible emotion. 

The exchange of promises and rings took place shortly after and the spouses continued to look at each other almost incredulous but determined. They exchanged their promises and rings in an intimate and touching atmosphere. In this kind of ceremonies these moments are emotionally amplified: the fact that one proceeds off the cuff, that there are promises expressed by the spouses, that other types of rites are added (such as the rite of sand or ribbons) make sure that everyone can live more deeply the event. 

After the ceremony we had a quick couple portrait session right at the blue hour. It is hard to believe for those who are not from Rome, but the sunset on our beaches is truly beautiful, more than in other places in the world. The sky changes color and shade quickly, from warm to cold shades; the light from hard and direct becomes soft and enveloping; the beach, large and fine-grained, contributes to the atmosphere.

In short, our sunsets over the sea are truly special! With Daria and Mario we took a walk on the beach and took some pictures. We played with the light and the background of the sunset, with the sea and the sand. Soon after we headed to the reception. 


The reception took place in a relaxed and fun mood with friends and families who surrounded the couple with joy and love. A beach wedding at La Rambla in the summer has its fixed points: the evening breeze, the sound of the waves, the marine atmosphere, the diffused lighting.. All these elements make the wedding receptions at La Rambla events to be fully enjoyed. 

Toast, toast, toast! The bride and groom walked around the tables greeting the guests and engaging in a toast with everyone. You can imagine how the atmosphere has warmed up … As the alcohol went down the euphoria went up and that’s how we found ourselves on the dance floor where everyone did their best to let loose. 

After the usual cake cutting, the dances went on. At first, the first dance of the newlyweds that turn from a romantic cheek-to-cheek ballade into a wild rock’n’roll. Then all the guests joined them continuing the party, in the company of their inseparable toasts. 


Daria and Mario chose us for their beach wedding immediately after seeing the wedding photos of their dear friends, Ilaria and Massimiliano. For us, word of mouth from our customers is very important! Our style of documentary photography or wedding reportage adapts to any type of location and wedding style. If you like our way of telling stories and want to know what we can offer you for your wedding, we would love to hear from you

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