the bride is moved by the sister and bridesmaid speech during the spanish-italian wedding reception at Villa Miani

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A Cheerful Spanish-Italian Wedding in Rome | Beatriz & Giovanni

A Mediterranean encounter: the story of Beatriz & Giovanni and their elegant Spanish-Italian wedding at Villa Miani.

If you are planning a wedding in Rome, you’ll love this Spanish-Italian Wedding at Villa Miani.

When Beatriz and Giovanni first got in touch with us about their wedding in San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, we were immediately thrilled. They were planning a romantic wedding with a religious ceremony, mixed Spanish-Italian, in the beautiful Basilica in the center of Rome. But the most important thing is that we met people, with their families, who immediately allowed us to get in tune with everyone.

Getting ready

We started taking our photos at the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel in Monte Mario, where Beatriz had chosen to get ready for the big day. The Cavalieri Hilton has very elegant and spacious rooms and the light which streams in through the windows is beautiful for photos.

There was a very relaxed atmosphere: Beatriz and her family also found the time to have a small brunch. Beatriz wore a white wedding dress with a very elegant lace openwork bodice. The witnesses and the bridesmaids wore pink dresses. A very emotional moment happened when the bride’s father entered the room and saw his daughter ready to go to the altar. He sat down and watched her for a few moments before taking her by the arm.

The religious ceremony at San Giovanni dei Fiorentini

The ceremony took place at the Basilica of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, in the centre of Rome. It sits right in front of the beginning of Via Giulia. It has a large marble facade with an adjoining staircase. Inside are many works of art from the Baroque period including the imposing high altar, above which two large windows illuminate the front of the church from the apse.

It was a traditional mixed Italian and Spanish ceremony, given Beatriz’s origin. The elegant and composed atmosphere was not without its exciting moments, significant glances and solemnity. At the end of the celebration, as soon as we left the church square, we witnessed a very scenic first kiss of the spouses surrounded by the roar of the guests who welcomed them with thunderous applause!

Straight after the rice was thrown, we went to take some photos of the happy couple. The Basilica of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini is a stone’s throw away from the centre and from the Tiber, which makes it very convenient for trips afterwards.

We took a short walk on Ponte Sant’Angelo just as the sun was starting to set, taking advantage of the warm light of the Roman summer. At this time of year, the sunset light is slightly harsher and more colourful, which creates some very intense contrasts. Our favourite photo of all the couple portraits is the one we took from a raised point of view with Rome and St Peter’s Basilica in the background.

Then we headed to the reception location, Villa Miani. This splendid location always offers wonderful views from both the upper terrace and inside the villa, taking advantage of many of the architectural elements and furnishings which are in the villa.

The Spanish-Italian wedding reception at Villa Miani 

The wedding reception took place at Villa Miani, one of the most famous and evocative wedding locations in Rome.

The aperitif took place on the lawn of the fountain. One of the unique features was the presence of some stands with typical Spanish products: there was the famous and exquisite “Jamon Iberico” ham and, a short distance away, a special sommelier took the wine directly from a small barrel and, with choreographic movements, poured it into the guests’ glasses. It was a very nice moment!

While the guests enjoyed canapés and cocktails, we took a tour of Villa Miani taking fun and creative portraits. Take a look at the photos below and you’ll see for yourself.

During the reception, the dinner was accompanied by a classical music orchestra, an original and very classy idea! The service of Relais le Jardin during dinner was as delicious as always. Just like with all wedding photography services we go around the room looking for interesting scenes to photograph. The conviviality of the guests helps and in this case the Italian-Spanish pairing has paid off, giving us very interesting interaction scenes.

The party

Afterwards, Beatriz’s two sisters wanted to make a speech which moved the bride to tears. It was a very intimate and touching moment, and we were lucky enough to experience the deep emotion which all the guests were sharing. The evening continued with a beautiful and panoramic cut of the cake accompanied by special fireworks, which everyone enjoyed. Then came the first dance of the spouses in the external courtyard of the Villa. The party then continued inside with dancing and disco music.

Here are some of our favourite photos from Beatriz and Giovanni’s wedding story:

Location: Villa Miani | Service: Tecnoservice 2000 | Wedding Planner: Cinthya.

Villa Miani Wedding Photographer

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