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A lively wedding in Florence | Valentina & Marco

The lively, sparkling and crackling wedding day of Valentina & Marco in the beautiful Florence scenario

We cannot wait longer to tell you about this wedding in Florence!

The first time we met Valentina and Marco was in Rome, before all that chaos that brought the spread of Covid19. On that day we also met part of the bride’s wonderful family and we immediately had the clear feeling that it was going to be a beautiful wedding! Valentina told us straight away that she loved spontaneous photos that told about them, the guests and their big day. Her words warmed our hearts: we were perfectly in tune. They also added that their intention was to have a big party, with few frills and focused on dancing and fun.  That’s music for our ears!!!

Unfortunately, Valentina and Marco had to postpone their wedding, as so many did, for the reasons we all know. Also they had to change the location originally chosen. Thus, their wedding in Florence was born.


On the day of the wedding we arrived at the house where Valentina was getting ready and where the reception would be held. As soon as we walked in we immediately knew we were going to have fun!!! The bride and her countless bridesmaids were busy on dancing and singing as they ate a frugal meal before getting down to make-up. It was a crackling start.

The make-up and hair team was hard at work and we were jumping from room to room to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. Two loving little dogs celebrated the many people who were dedicated to organizing all the elements for the wedding reception, the stage with music and the lights under the watchful eye of an expert conductor: Cinthya, the wedding planner.

The bride, her friends and sisters were relaxed enough to indulge in moments of play and jokes, such as “crossed selfies”, a complex and modern practice 🙂

Meanwhile, more people began to arrive, the time of the ceremony was approaching. Valentina’s grandchildren were impatiently waiting for the bride to come out dressed and ready to go to church. And at a certain point she came out, in her beautiful Ermanno Scervino dress, dazzling us all! Almost at the same time her father arrived and there was the first emotional moment when their eyes met. This is gasoline for our work: the game of glances, the emotion that emerges on the face. How beautiful!

The bride finished the last touches wearing her veil and taking the bouquet and then we all went straight to the ceremony.


Upon arrival at the Church of Santi Michele e Gaetano in the center of Florence there were countless people waiting for the arrival of the bride. She got out of the car with her dad, walked down the aisle straight towards her groom. Marco was waiting at the altar, along with his parents. The celebrants watched smilingly as the bride arrived, the guests and witnesses were focused and excited.

Valentina’s dad walked her over to Marco, took their hands and kissed them together and then sat down. Marco and Valentina looked at each other for a moment barely containing their happiness. The ceremony began.

After the rings were exchanged, Valentina’s sister dedicated a song to the newlyweds. It was an emotional moment. Her skill, her role have increased the emotion of the participants.

At the end of the ceremony all the guests plus a large crowd of curious people waited for the exit of the bride and groom, which took place with the traditional throwing of rice. That day it seemed to be not “a” wedding in Florence but “the” wedding in Florence.

Immediately afterwards we went with the bride and groom for a short walk and to take some photos of the couple, first on the Arno, the river of Florence,  and then at San Miniato al Monte with the most stunning view on the city.


Then we proceeded straight to the reception. At the entrance we were happily impressed by the Security who checked all the guests with the formalities of the swab and green passes. Excellent organization! You cannot take for granted when the reception is held in a private villa.

The guests had already arrived and had begun to taste the aperitif and toast. The bride and groom made their entrance and began to greet those who approached them. First the grandchildren. Toasts galore, jokes, laughter, hugs! that’s the meaning of a wedding reception and in this case everything was very participated.

The light was going down and it was time to enter the hall. The bride and groom went out through a window of the house to reach the marquee set up for the occasion where the guests were already seated. They entered dancing and running between the tables to the beat of the music, while the guests waved their napkins to accompany their march. A crackling entrance!

Dinner was quickly consumed and immediately the party began!!! It started with songs performed by Valentina’s sister and the sound support of The Shakes Live Band, fantastic as always!

The guests began to throw themselves into the dance encouraged by the energy of the bride and groom. And it was all growing! The more hours went by, the more we danced and sang. Valentina was unstoppable! Marco was no less!

After cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet, the dancing started again and went on until late at night, making this wedding in Florence the party that Valentina and Marco dreamt of.

Here is a selection of our favorite photos of the day.

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