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Celebrating in spring or autumn in Rome means fully enjoying our latitudes, our city. A wedding at Villa Livia in spring is even better !! An elegant ancient villa on one of the most evocative and well-known streets of Rome, Via Appia Antica. 

Villa Livia offers – with its splendid gardens, the Gardenhouse, the Court or the Garden of Ceremonies – an elegant and delicate location to enjoy fully a party, a dinner in spring.


We met Maria and Tiziano thanks to  Valentina Messineo, who masterfully modeled a wedding for the spouses that was measured on their characters and their needs. Oh lucky we are! A spring wedding at Villa Livia with Valentina and a couple like Maria and Tiziano! Bingo!

“We are accomplices, we play in the same team and we run twice as much if we feel the fatigue of the other”. These words they used to describe themselves is already enough to understand what kind of people Maria and Tiziano are. “Every day in this life at war, we are each other’s peace.”

They got ready in two hotels near their church, the Basilica od Santa Sabina on the Aventine. They prepared together with friends and family. Maria’s room had a splendid window that let the sweetness of Rome spring come in.

The spirit of ceremony was really shared between the guests and there was no lack of exciting moments. We remember the slow and solemn steps of the bridesmaid who brought the wedding rings to the bride and groom, worthy of a royal wedding!

After the ceremony we took a walk with the bride and groom for some photos of the couple, which they desired, and then we immediately went to the villa so as not to miss the aperitifs with the guests.

Arriving at Villa Livia, the couple joined their beloved ones and enjoyed a spectacular sunset in the garden, celebrating, laughing, joking and greeting everyone. The guests were not many or few, the right measure to fully enjoy every single person. The children played and “enjoyed” the buffet dishes. People danced, toasted, listened to the joyful music in the style of the 50s and 60s led by the voice of Roberta Vaudo. 

The relaxed and jovial atmosphere, the slowly setting sun, the coolness of the evening, typical of these spring days, were the perfect setting for a spring wedding at Villa Livia.

During the reception the friends never stopped celebrating the new couple. Toasts, choirs, jokes, hugs, manifestations of true feeling followed one another throughout the dinner in a situation that was light and intense at the same time.

Maria and Tiziano cut the cake in front of the facade of Villa Livia, framed by the luminous fountains and candles that are never lacking here! After the cake cutting, they all moved to the courtyard to continue listening to the band, dancing, eating the dessert buffet in the adjacent room. 

The wedding favors table was brilliantly set up (and we can also see from the success it aroused …) and the couple began to greet some of their guests who slowly began to return home while their friends were dedicated to dancing.

Here is a selection of our preferred pictures of the day:


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