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A super relaxed wedding in San Gimignano | Denisa & Simone

Our first wedding in San Gimignano in the photos and the story of Denisa & Simone big day

If you are planning your wedding in San Gimignano at Tenuta il Quadrifoglio, don’t miss this!

While we were traveling to Denisa and Simone’s wedding in San Gimignano, we were thinking upon one of the most beautiful side of our work: having the opportunity, even after many years, to meet people and families with whom we had the honor and pleasure to share special and important moments in their lives.


Simone is one of these people. Several years have passed since his brother Roberto’s wedding in Florence with Valentina. Simone was the groomsman and we were the photographers. When in 2019 we received his phone call announcing his future wedding with his fiancée Denisa we couldn’t be anything but happy.

As freelancers or small entrepreneurs, it is often said that word of mouth is the best marketing tool. Now, as far as we are concerned, we can only say that it is certainly a great satisfaction to know that the work we have done has left a small sign in people’s lives to the point that they remember us and recommend us highly to friends and relatives, as in this case.

In these two long years we have had with Simone a continuous, sincere and open “epistolary” and telephone relationship. Simone and Denisa in fact live in the UK where they work and certainly the organization of their wedding in San Gimignano was not the easiest. 

Originally to be held in June 2020, their big day in Tuscany has been postponed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected all our lives for so long. As we have done with all the couples who have chosen us to tell the story of their wedding day, also with Denisa and Simone we have tried to be as flexible as possible in looking for new dates and new availability. Simone and Denisa have shown us as much attention and availability, informing us promptly in advance of new alternatives dates.

As usual, we’ve gone on long enough and we still haven’t told you anything about the wedding in San Gimignano at Tenuta Quadrifoglio of these two wonderful and special guys!


Without taking anything away from the other weddings, the first feeling we had during the day was that this was one of the most beautiful and relaxed weddings we had the honor to join as photographers. Denisa and Simone in fact decided to do everything in one location, from the preparation to the party and Tenuta Quadrifoglio is definitely perfect for this kind of wedding in San Gimignano. 

The relaxed and family atmosphere immediately welcomed us as soon as we arrived at the Tenuta. The first people we met, to our great pleasure, were Roberto, Simone’s brother, and his bride Valentina with little Federico. How nice to see after a few years the fruit of love of which we have been, in our small way, witnesses 🙂.

Simone immediately took us for a quick tour of the location to show us where the various stages of the celebration and the party would take place. I don’t know why, but we felt immediately at home. Despite the fact that it was the 4th of July, we never suffered from the heat and this has certainly helped us to work better and with more energy.

We have to admit that the best surprise of the whole day was meeting Denisa, the bride, who until then we had only seen a couple of times in video calls on Zoom. A beautiful and sunny girl of an absolutely contagious sympathy. We think you can tell from the photos at first glance. Denisa is a person of explosive positivity. One of the most relaxed and good-humored brides we have ever met! Always with a smile, even when a few drops of rain threatened to ruin the outdoor ceremony set up with such care by the girls of Boutique del Fiore.


It was a pleasure to join Denisa and Simone in their preparation. Simone wanted to wait for Denisa at the entrance of the place where the ceremony was set up to make their entrance together. We found this detail very meaningful and suggestive. During those few minutes of waiting Simone was very excited but when Denisa finally appeared in the garden of the estate he went to meet her and together they walked the short distance to the altar among the happiness and emotion of their friends and relatives.

The ceremony reserved very nice moments of happiness between the couple and the guests, the ritual of the candles and a funny and tender delivery of the wedding rings by little Federico in the arms of his mother Valentina.

After the ceremony, we took a short walk of 15 minutes with the bride and groom in the estate to capture in a natural and relaxed way some portraits of the couple and then on the notes of The Greatest Showman Denisa and Simone made their entrance in the garden of the aperitifs where they finally gave themselves in every way to their friends and family.

For us, these situations are the best. When everything takes place naturally and harmoniously, when you feel that the guests are linked to the bride and groom by a deep relationship of friendship and / or family, when everyone feels at ease, they let go of gestures of affection, joy, emotion. As photographers, we are able to perceive this atmosphere and be part of it. All of this fuels our concentration, helping us to enter and remain even more in tune with what is happening in order to always be ready to capture the unexpected.

That’s how it was for the sudden and totally unexpected launch of the bride’s bouquet towards her  bridesmaid.  We both have excellent photos of this moment from two different points of view, it was difficult to choose which one to include in this post.

The party went on with dinner inside and then a beautiful and choreographed cake cutting with all the guests around the bride and groom to celebrate them. Wild and funny dances and more moments of hilarity and finally of tenderness and poetry have accompanied everyone towards the end of a long, beautiful and relaxing day of marriage.

Here is a small selection of our favorite photos to tell the story of Denisa and Simone’s wedding in San Gimignano.

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