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A Wedding in Final | Livia & Nicolò (.. and the 2020 European football champions)

Getting married the day Italy become the 2020 European football champions. Double party for Livia & Nicolò

The story of Livia and Nicolò’s wedding (…and the 2020 European Football Champions)

The story of Livia and Nicolò’s wedding (…and the 2020 European Football Champions) starts with their own words: “…we share the same values, for us family, friendship and love are the engine of our lives. We have been together since 2009 and since that day we have not been able to be without each other. We are two shy guys at first sight, but we just need to be in a “familiar” environment to melt and be anything but shy…”.

With such a presentation you understand that it’s hard not to appreciate the people who it’s about. And indeed we are here to tell you a story of family, friendship and love.


From the preparation to the ceremony we found ourselves in front of very present and excited families. Between hugs, effusions and encouragement all have made feel their support to the couple.

The ceremony took place in the Basilica of SS. Bonifacio e Alessio all’Aventino, one of the historic churches of Rome.

Entering the church is always an emotional moment for everyone. The bride often has a thousand conflicting feelings that usually arouse strong emotions. The father accompanied Livia to Nicolò and the ceremony began. The moment of the exchange of rings brought a big smile of release to the bride and groom.

During the walk to the Giardino degli Aranci Livia and Nicolò hinted at a little dance on the notes of “Arrivederci Roma”, played by a group of musicians passing by. After a short photo session we left to join the guests.


The reception was held at Villa Blumenstihl where, as soon as the bride and groom entered, a whirlwind of dancing and celebration began. There was a group of dancers in traditional costume who performed typical dances of the bride’s country of origin and with the singers and music of MHÓ events there was an explosion of adrenaline worthy of the most festive disco of the 80s!

After the cocktail hour, everyone settled in for dinner. But that night the dinner was really special because in addition to celebrating Livia and Nicolò’s wedding there was also the final of the 2020 European Football Championship where Italy was playing its match against England!

In addition to the imperial tables where the guests sat to enjoy their dinner, a screen was set up on which the game was projected. There were flags, scarves, pennants and various tricolor gadgets that helped to get into the atmosphere.

We have to say, to tell the truth, that there was not an overzealousness towards the match right from the start. On the contrary! All the guests took part in the dinner, the dances, the wedding celebrations, gathering around the newlyweds like a real big family. A great demonstration of friendship and affection.

Towards the end, when there was little left to the final whistle, things changed and the attention, including that of the newlyweds, – fans perhaps more than others – was focused on the last moments of the match. Then, as we all know, the match went to extra time and then…to penalties. At that point everyone came together and huddled in front of the screen, with utmost suspence and their hands joined.

It was a spectacle when, after the last penalty shot, there was an unanimous cry of liberation: we are the 2020 European Champions! Among hugs, shouts of joy, jumps, gestures of crazy joy the couple celebrated with their friends and with all those present.

The party continued with the same tenor that spilled over into the dancing. In short, it was an incessant crescendo of liveliness and celebrations, which by now were mixed with the joy of the victory of the national team and that of Livia and Nicolò.

A special thanks goes to Roberta Cerrone. Not only because she is always the special person she is, but also for having introduced us to some wonderful people and for having trusted in us again.

Wedding Planning: Cerrone Nozze, Roberta Cerrone

Banqueting: Nicolai Ricevimenti

Music: MHÓ events

Location: Villa Blumensthil

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