living with passion

Alessandro Iasevoli

I am a father in love..

books & neapolitan food addicted, obsessed by timekeeping but scared of excessive mind & material order.

I am a man: do not ask me to do 2 things at once, I have been preset to perform one task at the time, but I do it at my best!

Fond of the beauty of the world, I try to catch it time by time in a Light, in a woman glance, in kids' smile, in a captivating landscape, in a candlelight, as in a mother’s touch..

Giuseppe Voci

I don't know what to tell about me... what I know is that I want to achieve the following key goals:


+ helping my son Riccardo to get to know himself better

+ washing my car, at least twice a year

+ seriously kidding Alessandro once in a lifetime

+ heading off with Simona (my wife) for a surprise travel

+ finding interesting books to read

+ tasting Daniela's cousine without remarking on it

+ limiting the amount of biscuits I usually have for breakfast

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