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An intimate wedding at Borgo della Merluzza | Chiara & Mirko

The story of Chiara & Mirko wedding at Borgo della Merluzza our first 2021 wedding after the pandemic shot down


On a hot summer day in 2020, fresh out of the first wave of the pandemic, Chiara and Mirko came to visit us in our studio in the center of Rome to tell us about their wedding planned for June 2021. 

We love the connection that is created with many couples from the very first meeting. Chiara and Mirko are one of them. We talked about their idea of wedding, how they were enchanted by Borgo della Merluzza. The Borgo has beautiful views – from the amphitheater to the secret garden, from the swimming pool with terrace to the small chapel inside – and really offers many different and ideal solutions to celebrate an entire wedding, from beginning to end!

They told us about their wish of having a symbolic outdoor ceremony, followed by a party with their friends and loved ones. Most importantly, they wanted a photographer for their wedding day who wouldn’t pose them! Our photographs were exactly what they were looking for: a spontaneous and natural story of their most beautiful day, the emotions and the most significant moments, without direction, posing or forcing. 

Finally, after so much uncertainty due to the new wave of pandemics that has marked the last year, June has arrived and with June the recovery! Chiara and Mirko’s was our first full wedding of the new season. We have to admit that we were a bit anxious and tense, as is normal at the beginning of any new season and even more so in this period after a year and a half of forced inactivity.

We were even more charged and excited, full of desire to return to tell a new story and happy to finally be able to do so, in complete safety but with the freedom to capture glances, emotions, tears and smiles. In short, to resume telling life.


When we arrived at Chiara’s home, even that little bit of “debut tension” melted away thanks to the friendliness and sweetness of the bride and her family and the relaxed atmosphere in which this whole phase took place. To complete the best start we could have had, a beautiful light that filtered through the large windows and two sweet dogs, Lula and Skizzo! 

Chiara was already ready with her make-up and hairstyle, there were just a few last touches that she did by herself and with the help of her sister Claudia. After wearing a beautiful and original dress made by Atelier Emé, she allowed herself a tender moment with Lula and Skizzo, before leaving home.


For this special day, the preparation of the ceremony was arranged outside, on the lawn in front of the entrance of the Borgo. An ideal solution for an American-style celebration, with the arch of flowers and white chairs overlooking the Borgo and its characteristic tower.

Mirko welcomed relatives and friends in a relaxed atmosphere and then stood next to his groomsmen to await the arrival of the bride. Chiara entered alone, slowly walking along the stretch of lawn that separated her from Mirko. It was a touching moment. Halfway through her entrance Chiara got moved looking for her groom’s gaze.

The whole celebration took place in a familiar and very intimate atmosphere. Mirko’s brother, Lorenzo, celebrated the rite in which there were speeches from the brothers and the couple’s closest friends, followed by the couple’s vows exchange. Needless to say, when there is such a deep bond between the bride and groom and their closest friends, every sentence of the speeches and promises is a trigger of great emotion for everyone.

We admit it with no reserve: sometimes we feel lucky to be able to “hide” our face behind a camera in these moments … it helps us to better manage and keep only for us the emotion that overwhelms us.

After the ceremony, while the guests reached the poolside for the aperitifs, we took a little tour with the couple in the park of the Borgo to catch a few moments of relaxation and intimacy between Chiara and Mirko and then without delay we reached the other guests.


This stage of the wedding, where everyone is still charged with the emotions of the ceremony but begin to relax even more, is for us the ideal time to try to capture the moments and situations that we prefer: the expressions of affection with family and friends, jokes, laughters, the combination of multiple stories in one picture, the correlations and interactions between people.

For the dinner a large imperial table was set up by the pool, creating a beautiful scenic effect at sunset between the Borgo and the wide view of the Roman countryside.

During dinner, candles helped create a warm and intimate atmosphere, in line with the rest of the wedding and the personality of the bride and the groom.

After the cutting of the wedding cake on the terrace in front of the pool, the bride and groom started their first dance cheek to cheek surrounded by all their friends who, with the flashlights of their cell phones, created a magical and romantic scenery for them. 

Here is a very personal selection of our favorite images of the day.

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