We really loved to shoot this Beach Wedding at La Rambla, on the seaside of Rome.

Daria and Mario are a handsome Russian-Italian couple, living between Rome and Paris. They came and hire us just after they had seen the wedding pictures of their good friends Ilaria & Massimiliano.

They were very impressed by the natural, spontaneous and creative pictures of their friends. As we keep saying, the word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool in our job!

Daria got ready at the Rome Cavalieri Hilton and then reached La Rambla where Mario was waiting for her on the beach at sunset.. which scenario is more romantic than this?

They had great time that night together with their friends and parents who surrounded them with joy and love.

Beach Wedding_0002.jpg
Beach Wedding_0003.jpg
Beach Wedding_0004.jpg
Beach Wedding_0005.jpg
Beach Wedding_0006.jpg
Beach Wedding_0007.jpg
Beach Wedding_0008.jpg
Beach Wedding_0009.jpg
Beach Wedding_0010.jpg
Beach Wedding_0011.jpg
Beach Wedding_0012.jpg
Beach Wedding_0013.jpg
Beach Wedding_0014.jpg
Beach Wedding_0015.jpg
Beach Wedding_0016.jpg
Beach Wedding_0017.jpg
Beach Wedding_0018.jpg
Beach Wedding_0019.jpg
Beach Wedding_0020.jpg
Beach Wedding_0021.jpg
Beach Wedding_0022.jpg
Beach Wedding_0023.jpg
Beach Wedding_0024.jpg
Beach Wedding_0025.jpg
Beach Wedding_0026.jpg
Beach Wedding_0027.jpg
Beach Wedding_0028.jpg


Love the preparation shots, beautiful work.

Thank you for your visit and comment!

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