Best wedding photographer in Rome

best wedding photographer in rome

Two of the most searched key-phrases online by future spouses are “best wedding photographer” and also, more specifically, “best wedding photographer in Rome“. 

But is there really a “best photographer”? The best wedding photographer in Rome is the photographer who reflects as much as possible the expectations and tastes of a specific future married couple.

So rather than talking about the best wedding photographer in Rome, you should try to understand which wedding photographer is most suitable for you and how you imagine the photo shoot of your wedding.

With this starting point it is possible to identify characteristics that can help you to understand if a given photographer is “your” best wedding photographer in Rome.

First of all it is important that you decide which style of photography you would like and then what kind of approach you would like your wedding photographer to have.


Obviously there are many variables and there are many photography styles on the market. So, it could be really hard to evaluate them all.

But you could start trying to identify your preferences: do you like posed photos, which portray studied and technically optimal situations? or do you prefer more spontaneous, uncontrived photos, which tell natural and genuine moments regardless of the formal beauty of the image?

This choice is crucial and is the starting point to find your best wedding photographer in Rome and will direct you to the type of photographic style that best reflects the characteristics you are looking for. 

bride and groom in the car after the wedding a ray of light illuminates the face of the bride photo of the best wedding photographer rome
bride and groom holding hands in the cloister of the istituto studi romani with rome in the background image captured by the best wedding photographer in rome


Do you want the photographer to intervene by guiding you in the poses to be taken, not only during the couple photos, but also during all the day or do you prefer a photographer who follows the events that unfold naturally to capture truer and more spontaneous images?

newlyweds with children and water guns in a photo of the best wedding photographer in rome

If you have opted for a more natural un-staged style, without poses and for a discreet and more photojournalistic approach then we are what you are looking for: the photographers of Latitudine 41!