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We have nothing but happiness when there are kids at weddings. Their carefree manner often gives us fantastic inspiration for photographs.

Here’s a topic we love: kids at weddings! As fathers, and fans of the behavior of little ones, we are always intrigued and fascinated by the many characteristics that reveal themselves. As photographers we have nothing but happiness when there are kids at weddings. Their carefree manner often gives us fantastic inspiration for photographs.

We all know what children are like, especially those who already walk and talk but are still lovably reckless. Children like this, at a wedding, are a real blast! It’s amazing how they manage to find the opportunity to play absolutely anywhere, and have the most diverse range of expressions.

Shall we talk about those who are a little bigger? Who subconsciously simulate the actions of their elders, but don’t understand their meaning, yet act them out in very funny scenes.

Kids at weddings, if you have not yet understood, are the perfect subjects for our documentary and relaxed style (if you want to know why “documentary” in wedding photography does not refer to African mammals read here).


Not everyone thinks that having children at your wedding is a wonderful thing and, in a way, we can understand it. We understand that there may be conditions where you want to have an adults-only party, where “noisy poop machines” (as kids at weddings are known) are not there to ruin the atmosphere of certain romantic moments or that aura of togetherness that is felt in the air at other times. It is understandable that there are those who, while loving children, want a party that keeps these adult aspects and, therefore, choose a different type of wedding.

For those couples who do not wish to have children at their wedding, it opens up a big problem. Yes, it is easy to want a “kids-free” party, but in actual fact there is a giant hurdle, indeed there are two hurdles. The first is how do you tell people? Irina Grechko helps us a little with this, and has written an article on The Knot, that can help in this situation (read here). The second hurdle is how to manage the reactions of friends and relatives without causing a family feud (as the mother of a future husband writes to Bel Mooney of the Daily Mail). This is no small problem!

Those who want to find images to communicate it visually can find something here.


This happens mainly in the Anglo-Saxon world (fortunately, we say) while in Italy this desire to not have kids at weddings is less widespread. There is a nice article by Karen Pinchin on Today’s Parent that tells her story, that of a mother who is a little apologetic because as a young woman she thought it was appropriate not to have “little poop-bakers” at her wedding. Then having had one, she understood that perhaps she was wrong and, above all, that it is not totally suitable to ask her friends and relatives, who are parents, not to bring their children to a party designed for relatives and friends.

The point of a wedding is to celebrate with one’s friends and relatives, with your family and those who give us life. The little ones are a huge part of that life so how can you not have them at your wedding? Is it appropriate to exclude this important part of life from an event that celebrates life itself? Tensions arise in families when making such an important decision. Are we willing to accept the consequences? Obviously each of us will evaluate according to our needs and expectations, and will answer these questions in a completely calm and personal way. On the other hand, marriage celebrates life, our life, not that of others.

We have no doubt: POWER TO THE KIDS !! (Scrappy Doo demonstration)

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