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The Amazing Kledi Kadiu Wedding

The famous dancer and the delightful Charlotte: a relaxing and enjoyable day with friends, at Tenuta San Liberato.

The amazing wedding of Kledi Kadiu, the dancer made famous on the TV show “Amici”, and the delightful Charlotte, took place on a day at the end of June, in the fascinating Tenuta di San Liberato, located on the shores of Lake Bracciano near Rome.

When photographing famous faces, it is always essential to take into consideration the notoriety of the couple and their guests, as there is the chance that the photographs could end up widely distributed. However, with experience and a positive mentality, it is possible to ensure that the event is completely relaxed. In this case, there was no need to worry as both Kledi and Charlotte are fantastic, easy going people and the wedding, as is often the case, echoed the mood of the couple and adopted a friendly and light-hearted ambiance.

Getting ready

The beauty of weddings in such an estate is that everything can take place in the one location. From the ceremony itself (both civil and religious – there is also an attractive church on the Estate) to the reception. The Tenuta di San Liberato has one of the most beautiful parks in the area, with many examples of distinctive, well-kept plantlife.

At the centre, there is a pond with a small pavilion and it is right here that Kledi and Charlotte chose to celebrate their nuptials. Charlotte and Kledi got ready in the same rustic farmhouse, him on the first floor and her on the ground floor, which is located facing both the church and the reception area. The availability of such a suitable space for the couple to prepare for the wedding, while remaining literally two steps from the ceremony venue, was certainly an advantage when organising this wedding.

From the Estate there is a splendid view of the lake, and the constantly shifting weather and variable cloud formations create spectacular views; colouring the lake in tones ranging from the coldest to the warmest hues.

The outdoor ceremony

This was a day with uncertain weather. Regardless of the fact that it was June, the sky was overcast and threatened with rain. Fortunately, after some preparations, Charlotte and Kledi were able to celebrate their nuptials outside, with their sweet daughter Lea, in the Estate’s beautiful, expansive garden, located at the edges of the wood. I believe, in my heart, that this will be the first of many weddings we will see celebrated here.

The couple portraits in the park

After the ceremony, while the guests were being entertained with apertifs and canapés, we took a short walk with the couple into the infinite green landscape. It is certainly a special and inspiring place in which to take beautiful portraits of the couple, with a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. At this point, the couple then have the opportunity to relax, shake off the tension, and exchange their impressions of the ceremony. We never force unnatural poses during these shots, so that we are able to capture authentic interactions between the couple. With Kledi and Charlotte we went for a walk, stealing snaps and a couple of portraits. All of them taken in a very natural manner.

The reception

Later, Charlotte and Kledi rejoined their guests and family to enjoy an aperitif and, most importantly, dinner. Given the threat of rain, the aperitifs took place in the marquee, adjacent to the reception room. When you think of a marquee, you might imagine the type used for village festivals. While there is nothing wrong with that, in the world of weddings there are more elegant and accommodating solutions. This is the case at Tenuta di San Liberato, which offers an elegant yet rustic solution, with wooden flooring, and internal curtains tastefully offset by large chandeliers.

Let’s not forget that Kledi and Charlotte are both dancers and what else could have happened during the reception? Obviously, there was no lack of dancing; dancing both during dinner, between each course and after the cutting of the cake. It was truly entertaining and engaging. It was also an honour to have the opportunity to see Kledi and Charlotte dance live while photographing them. The guests received the couple in a manner worthy of the performances, showering them with affection.

While the guests were eating dinner, we liaised with the wedding planner and suppliers to understand what was happening next, and when. This allowed us to be prepared for subsequent events, and to plan the perfect places where we could resume our photography.

A team effort

The organisation of this wedding, between the dancers Charlotte and Kledi, was meticulously planned down to the smallest detail by Marzia and Vittoria of Only Chic Wedding & Event Designer. They also acted as event management on the day of Kledi’s wedding.

Floral arrangements: Stylosofie floral design Roma | Catering: International Catering | Music: Magistral Wedding Show | Graphic Services: Tecnoservice 2000 | Make-up artist: Simone Amaro Make Up & Hair

Here is a selection of our favourite photographs from the Kledi Wedding:

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