the bride getting moved during the groom speech at the outdoor wedding at villa rosantica

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A special Outdoor Wedding at Villa Rosantica

Michela and Marco got married at Villa Rosantica, a cheerful location in the Appia Antica Park

If you love open air relaxed wedding, you’ll find tons of inspo from this outdoor wedding in Rome!

Michela and Marco got married at Villa Rosantica, a stunning location in the Appia Antica Park. The Villa is located the midst of the Mediterranean scrub, made up of viberno, filirea, mastic, strawberry tree, holm oak, cork, a lawn that guards a rose garden with ancient species (hence the name of the villa), citrus gardens, olive trees and pomegranates.

It was a stunning outdoor wedding, with so much colour everywhere and a live band to keep guests entertained. The 3M Wedding (Michela, Marco and her little daughter Marta) was perfectly organised and planned by Eva Presutti Wedding Planner.

Bride’s getting ready

Villa Rosantica has a fabulous suite for newlyweds who wish to get ready directly on location. The suite is upstairs and has large windows overlooking the park and is tastefully furnished. Michela decided to get ready here and made the right choice also considering the fact that the whole wedding, including the ceremony, would have taken place in the villa. In this way she was able to have comfortable and relaxed times in all phases of the marriage without the fear of being late or finding problems along the way.

The little daughter Marta got ready with her mother. Seeing the little wedding dress next to mom’s bigger one is always impressive. I’ve always tried to imagine how mom and dad’s wedding day could be interpreted by a small child. Perhaps as something extraordinary or magical? Or a great new game that lasts all day? I don’t know but certainly Marta enjoyed running around the room while preparing her mother.

There were good family moments and in these moments the attention to the gestures and innocent looks of the children almost always gives images that are able to capture really intense moments. Having a bouquet like Mom’s one was an important moment for her and Michela expressed her joy and satisfaction very clearly, as can be seen in the photo.

When the bride finished getting ready and wentout, her father was waiting for her downstairs, ready to lead her under his arm.

The outdoor wedding ceremony at Villa Rosantica

Marco was anxiously awaiting his brides. I think it is an exciting time for a groom and he would like time to pass more quickly to see his bride arrive. Think of the thrill of waiting for two! If a wedding is a moment of great emotions for the couple, for a couple with children it is even more so.

Michela arrived with her dad and was visibly moved along the aisle that separated her from Marco. In these cases, the position behind the groom allows you to capture these moments and not be in the middle of the scene, ruining their effectiveness.

The outdoor wedding ceremony took place in the lovely flower garden. During the ceremony, Michela and Marco exchanged the vows  they had written themselves. It was a very romantic and intimate moment. Michela dropped a few tears. In these moments we try to be invisible, not to make any noise so as not to spoil the atmosphere of the moment.

At the exchange of the rings Marta reached her parents and looked at this ancient symbolic gesture very closely. An image that will be with her throughout her life.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom and Marta retraced the corridor between the hedges where the guests, arranged on the sides, paid homage and celebrated with the traditional confetti throwing.

Couple photo session: unposed portraits

After the ceremony, we took a short walk in the park to take some special portraits of the bride and groom (and their daughter Marta). The photos you see were taken without acting poses. This is an important feature of our wedding photo shoots. We don’t normally guide the bride and groom by telling them what to do or how they should pose.

In this particular situation it is clear that a little intervention on our part is necessary. It is the moment when the couple wish to have some couple photos and some portraits. We cannot pretend that we are not there: for better or for worse we too are the protagonists of this particular moment. So what to do? As little as possible so to ensure images that really tell the people portrayed. We try to guide the spouses to take advantage of the landscape around us but without forcing their personalities, on the contrary, trying to enhance them. The process we follow is very difficult to explain but the result is natural images that fully express the personality of the couple.

It was afternoon, there was a beautiful warm and enveloping light and the bride’s look blended perfectly with the natural landscape.

The outdoor wedding reception at Villa Rosantica

The reception took place inside the villa itself. Villa Rosantica is perfect for an outdoor wedding because it is very welcoming and has a very relaxed atmosphere. The moment of sunset was magical, when the candles and the lights of the Villa were lit.

For the reception, the newlyweds organised live music for their guests, and everyone enjoyed it very much. The dinner took place in the large garden in front of the Villa with a very particular setting: a table for the newlyweds and their witnesses in the center and two long imperial tables for all the guests around. As we always say, the imperial table offers that extra something that gives elegance and warmth, precisely for the arrangement of the diners. It was delicious. There was no lack of toasts and demonstrations of affection. Rome in the summer seems to have been made specifically for an outdoor wedding in the garden. The warm but not stifling temperature of the evening, the light Ponentino give a particular air to Roman events.

The party

After the spectacular cake cutting with the fireworks, everyone took to the track and the party began. Benny Fadlum’s band played as always the best pieces to make everyone dance. For the occasion, they all moved to an area organised ad hoc with a stage to welcome the orchestra, lights and a festive setting. And that’s exactly how things went: dances, laughter, celebrations, up to the bride and groom’s first dance. For the occasion we were lucky and we saw the possibility of stealing a shot through the curtain on which the lights of the room were reflected. And here is the story of Michela and Marco in photos!

Location: Villa Rosantica | Make-up Artist: Raffaele Fabbricatore | Flower Design: Ceccotti Flowers | Music: Benny Fadlum & Mazaltov Band | Light Service: Tecnoservice 2000

Getting married in Rome on the Appia Antica

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