from the heart


We haven’t stopped looking at them and we’ve had a mini Ravello union with our families to look through your amazing photography! We are thrilled & couldn’t be happier with the memories that you have captured. We will think of you often as we look through them. Thank you for your professionalism & time dedicated to producing these fabulous pictures! If you are ever planning a trip to Ireland / Northern Ireland we’d be happy to recommend places you could visit. Many many thanks again


You are a great person and amazing artist! Thank you for being with us on our special day! Thank you for noticing all the small details, emotions…which not everybody can see! Thank you for bringing more beauty to this world with your art


You cannot imagine how we’ ve been touched by your photos; We are so happy, so much feeling in your photos, really impressive!  You can really be proud of your job, you ‘re really a catcher of feeling and a very sensitive person. We would be happy to meet you or work with you again , let our destiny decide for us! We look forward to hear you soon. Warms regards


Alessandro, we’ve seen the pictures and we love them!! I can admit I was worried about a few things in Rome, but, I was never worried about the photography! we loved your portfolio and in meeting with you, I knew we could expect great results and professionalism. The whole experience was incredible that day, everything went as expected, and we are thankful that you documented it so well. Anna&Daniel


 The pictures are so beautifully done!!!!!! You are a master photographer!!! You captured a lifetime moments and I cant express how happy we are. The great and beautiful work you did to capture the pictures are so beautiful.Thank you so much and you will be forever our friend!!!!!! And anytime I have friends that are going to Rome, I will forever and always recommend you to them. I cant wait to go through all the pictures and post them on Facebook.  Ryan & Monica


Dear Alessandro, looking at our honeymoon photos, we can’t thank you enough for the fun and unique honeymoon shoot experience. Florence will always have a special place in our hearts because of you. Love, Neo and Nicole


Can’t describe how in love I am with our wedding photos. You have done an incredible job of capturing our perfect day !!