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Rada Positano Amalfi Coast Wedding | Inna & Joseph

A stone tower on the sea erasing towards the sky. It is like entering in an ancient fisherman cave


When Inna & Joseph first got in touch with us, we were thrilled to return to Amalfi Coast to photograph their wedding in Positano. These two lovely guys have planned their wedding thanks to the precious organization of Distinctive Italy Weddings. Inna and Joseph got married at Rada, which is a restaurant in Positano on the Amalfi Coast with a splendid view of the sea. It was a warm day of sunshine and happiness!

Inna & Joseph get ready at Hotel Le Fioriere in Praiano

We joined Inna & Joseph on the morning of the wedding day to capture their getting ready at the Hotel Le Fioriere in Praiano. The day began with a splendid sun that illuminated the coast in a way that can only be seen in this part of the world. 

Inna got ready in a room with her mother and bridesmaid. Later her friends arrived, whom she paid homage with a small present. 

Meanwhile, Joseph was getting ready in another room with his friends. As often happens in these situations, you put a group of men (or women) in a room and happiness is immediately born. Friends started joking with the groom as they dressed. They were really nice moments. 

During the preparation of the couple there was a very nice moment. The night before they had exchanged envelopes containing words written in their own hand to declare love for each other, but with the promise to open them only the following morning. So it happened and at a given moment both of them opened the envelope and read its contents. 

One of the reasons why we always work in two at weddings and always together is right to be able to capture parts of the same story taking place in different spots at the same time. This was one of those moments. How to describe the emotion of the two who, in a different way, expressed while reading. The bride could not resist and cried so much that she could hardly be able to read anymore. The groom, on the other hand, looked up and stared at the sea to repress what he was feeling. A wedding in Positano also has these effects on people 🙂 

Taking pictures in Positano

The bride and groom prepared well in advance of the time set for the ceremony, so we had plenty of time to take a long walk in total relax through the narrow streets of Positano. We walked, laughed, joked and took lots of photos both in the town and in the beach area. 

The ceremony

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish outdoor ceremony on a sunny terrace of the Rada restaurant overlooking the sea. Those who come to Positano for the first time and stroll down to the beach cannot fail to see the imposing construction of the Rada restaurant on the left at the very beginning of the cliff. From the Rada you have a visual both of the town and of the very beautiful sea, especially at sunset, when all the lights of the city turn on. 

After exchanging the ring and breaking the glass, all the guests started dancing around the couple. It was a great way to get everyone involved in the ceremony. 

When we arrived there we had the idea of renting a small boat to take a tour in front of the little beautiful harbour of Positano. From the boat we were able to take beautiful images depicting the couple with the background of the town. It is difficult to be invisible in a 2 square meter boat. It takes a considerable amount of patience, communication and experience to be able to the subjects at their ease in such a small space with our looming presence.

That’s why we waited to photograph until the couple got used to us. We had a lot of fun rowing away from the coast, then after a few shots we realised they were getting late for aperitifs! Taking photos for a wedding in Positano offers a variety of incredible angles if you have the legs and arms to look for them! 

The Wedding reception at Rada

The reception was held in the main hall of the Rada Restaurant. Weddings at the Rada restaurant are fantastic, because the view is absolutely stunning, as we have already pointed out, but the architecture of the interior room is also very particular. During the traditional speeches the bride could hardly read because of the emotion. After dinner they all moved inside for the bride and groom’s first dance and then the group dances began. 

After the reception, the couple wanted to take a photo on the beach, to capture the beautiful lights of the city in the distance. 


The Rada restaurant is a very special place. It is built on a stone tower over the sea that rises to the sky. It is like entering an ancient fishermen’s cave which now houses a very exclusive night club. Going up the stairs there are two enchanting terraces overlooking the sea and beyond … only the sky! It is one of the coolest places to get married in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast. The venue has its own direct access from the Positano seafront and there is a gorgeous beach which is perfect for pictures.

Here is a selection of our favorite shots of the day! 

Rada Positano Amalfi Coast Wedding

If you are planning your wedding on the Amalfi Coast, you might be interested in this wedding story too! Our style of documentary photography or wedding reportage adapts to any type of location and wedding. If you like our way of telling stories and want to know what we can offer you for your wedding, we would love to hear from you! 

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