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Ravello Wedding Photographer | Orla&Chris

From the green Ireland to the enchanting multi-color scenario of the Amalfi Coast, the dream of love comes true

A wedding photographer in Ravello is a lucky person. For a photographer, a wedding in Ravello is a unique experience. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is almost proverbial and Ravello is its pearl, set between the mountains and the sea, in its unique and dominant position on the coast. The whole world knows the Amalfi Coast and Ravello is a destination for international weddings from all over the world.

Orla and Chris are Irish and after several searches they decided to give life to their dream and get married in Ravello. Organising a wedding on the Amalfi Coast is not easy, even if there are many beautiful locations and many places to celebrate the ceremony. But it is essential to rely on someone who knows the area and how to get around because the pitfalls are around the corner. For this reason Orla and Chris turned to professional wedding planner, Distinctive Weddings, for the organisation and planning of their event.

They also searched for the best Ravello wedding photographer and stumbled upon our website: so we met. Just to clarify: we don’t believe to be the best photographers of the Amalfi Coast, but we have received clients’ support and industry international recognitions for our style of documentary wedding photography and Orla and Chris appreciated our photos. After a long and careful research they chose us as their wedding photographers! If you want to know more about our style and how we work, look here

The getting ready of bride and groom

The preparation of Orla and Chris took place at the Giordano Hotel. The hotel is in an excellent position in Ravello and has parking (which is no small feat in this town). The rooms are large and elegantly furnished.

The bride got ready with her family in a relaxed atmosphere, favored by toasts, which cannot be missed at this stage in the typical Anglo-Saxon-style wedding. The groom allowed himself moments of leisure with the witnesses and friends. It was very nice when the father of the bride arrived during the groom’s preparation and they went over and revised the text of their speeches together. 

The Ceremony at Ravello Cathedral

The Catholic ceremony took place in the splendid Duomo of Ravello. A Ravello wedding photographer must be well aware of the timing to reach the place where the ceremony will take place and be respectful to all the requirements of the celebrants. The only means of transport to Ravello are your own legs and for this reason it is necessary to be very careful and study the routes and distances well in advance.

The Duomo is on the main square of Ravello and when the square is crowded, the arrival of a bride often leads to interesting moments: between applause, encouragement, photo requests, there is always something nice to shoot.

Chris waited in the Cathedral, excited and jokingly teased by his friends while Orla arrived with her father and bridesmaid in the square. Everything is ready for the bride’s entrance! The witnesses took their seats, the groom turned his face towards the altar to await the arrival of the bride behind him. Half of the nave near the entrance portal was empty because the few guests were all in the part closest to the altar and the reflection of the empty pews gave us the opportunity to capture an interesting image. When the bride arrived behind the groom, he turned around and their gaze was more than exhaustive: the emotion was at its top! 

An exciting moment happened with the exchange of the rings. The groom took the bride’s hand and gently kissed it. The ceremony continued with prayers and laughters until the moment when the couple left the Cathedral, greeted by a joyful applause. 

Walking with Bride, Groom and the musicians

After the ceremony we walked through the streets of Ravello to reach the location of the reception. A limited number of guests followed them and enjoyed the warm but pleasant day in such a special setting. A Ravello wedding photographer knows that there is a practice that often happens in weddings. There are small mobile orchestras made up of 2 or 3 members, which accompany the couple on their walk, playing typical Neapolitan songs. These musical groups are hired by the spouses to cheer them and the guests on the way to the location and sometimes even inside. With Orla and Chris this is exactly what happened and we captured very beautiful images of this walk accompanied by music. 

The Reception at Villa Eva in Ravello

A very beautiful location that, as often happens here, reserves some beautiful surprises. As soon as they arrived, the couple wanted to take a few moments for couple photos taking advantage of the suggestive location. In fact, Villa Eva has a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea, with a breathtaking view on the sea and the coast. The building has a lower floor and a room with very interesting marble furnishings. Upstairs the view is spectacular.

After having their time for the portraits, the couple joined the guests for an aperitif and then for dinner. The dinner took place in a covered outdoor room that was arranged with an imperial table for the newlyweds and the closest people and round tables for the other guests. The dinner took place in a very relaxed way.

The speeches of the father of the bride and the groom have given laughter and a few tears. We stayed until the end when we managed to capture our favorite image of the day, which you can watch below. 

What they said about us

Some time ago we received some nice feedback from Orla and Chris on the photos and we were quite moved by their kind words:

“Alessandro, thanks for the photos! we can’t stop looking at them and we had a “mini Ravello reunion” with our families to appreciate your extraordinary photograph! We are thrilled and
could not be happier with the memories you have captured. We will often think of you as we watch them over and over. Thank you for your professionalism and the time dedicated to the creation of these fabulous images! If you are planning a trip to Ireland / Northern Ireland, we will be happy to recommend places you may visit. Many many thanks again ”.

Here is a selection of our favorite photos of the day: 

Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

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