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A relaxed Summer Wedding in Rome | Ilaria & Massimiliano

A beautiful couple in love, their wedding at the Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella and their Post-Wedding photos at sunrise in Rome

When Ilaria and Massimiliano got in touch with us for their summer wedding in Rome, we were so impressed by the love they showed for each other. They are really lovely guys with whom we immediately felt comfortable. We chatted about them, their interests, their life, their marriage. We couldn’t wait to photograph their big day! 

In our meetings with the couple we are very greedy for information. About them, about their life, about their point of view, about their wedding. This helps us a lot to get to know them and to recognise in their words, in their gestures, in their attitudes the more intimate situations that we try to capture with our photos. Our documentary style helps us a lot: we want to return photos as personal as possible. 

The getting ready

We arrived at Ilaria’s parents’ house quite in advance. There the bride and her friends got ready together and it was very nice, because everyone was in a good mood and willing to celebrate. Ilaria is a real tough, strong, stubborn one, but in some moments she can melt like snow in the sun. One such moment occurred when, worn the wedding dress, she met her best friend. In these beautiful and fragile moments, the greatest desire is to make oneself invisible by trying to grasp its essence.

While Alessandro was photographing the bride, Giuseppe was instead at the groom’s house, where in a very relaxed atmosphere he was able to capture real and spontaneous moments between Massimiliano, his father and friends. It is nice to see so much friendship and so much sharing. Massimiliano is one of those people who knows how to make himself loved and we were able to see this on the day of his wedding, with the love poured out to him by his friends. Obviously they could not miss teasing and goliardic teasing!

The wedding ceremony

The wedding took place at San Giovanni Evangelista Church in Spinaceto, and was a traditional religious ceremony. The spouses are very familiar to this church. They know everyone, from celebrants to choir boys. It is easy to understand how such kind of ceremonies are very participatory and personalized. The celebrant spoke a lot about the spouses, also revealing nice details about them.

Ilaria and Massimiliano were very involved and excited. Their witnesses did not lose sight of them
for a moment. Parents almost in tears. In short, a ceremony in which emotions were master. 

After the ceremony they were showered with rice and petals and after a few greetings we went
straight to the reception.

The Reception by the Sea at the Odescalchi Castle of Santa Marinella

The wedding reception took place at the Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella a historic castle on the sea, north of Rome, belonging to one of the most important noble families of ancient Rome, from the 1600s onwards. 

Arrived at the Castle we left the cars and went to take some pictures with the bride and groom. The Odescalchi Castle of Santa Marinella offers the possibility of easily reaching a terrace right above the sea and a cliff on the surface of the water on which splendid portraits can be obtained. 

Needless to say, with Ilaria and Massimiliano this moment too was all a party! We took pictures, laughed and joked, all in total relax. The Castle  is a unique place. After entering the monumental avenue, you enter through its main door and walk through the interior of the courtyard reaching the rear garden. Here there is a path that leads to the tensile structure where the reception takes place and then to a raised terrace on which, generally, the aperitif takes place. 

One of the advantages of being in two photographers is also that while one photographer covers the aperitif with the bride and groom and the rest of the guests, the other can go and inspect the reception room to take some pictures of the set-up.  In this case, after taking the photos of the set-up, we inquired about the process of the planned events with the managers at the Castle in order to know and organize our movements. As guests wandered around drinking Prosecco and enjoying appetizer, the couple mingled and laughed with their friends. 

Our favorite photo of this moment of the day is the one in which Ilaria and Massimiliano go to greet their grandmothers. It was such a magical and emotional moment. This photo, as well as being an important family memory for them, it also allowed us to win some photographic prizes! Check it out further! 

During the reception, the couple dined with friends and family in the marquee. They had the opportunity to greet the guests, toasting with them and engaging in laughter and chatter. After cutting the cake, Ilaria and Massimiliano threw themselves into a nice first dance with all their guests around. The guests held sparkles in their hands which together created a beautiful mood light on the bride and groom. The Photoboot and the DJ then kept all the guests involved for the party all night.

The post-wedding

Ilaria and Massimiliano were very enthusiastic when we proposed them the post-wedding photo service. The post-wedding is a photographic service that we carry out in the days immediately following the wedding. They put on their wedding dress again! We made the portraits of the couple in total relaxation without worrying about their guests waiting for them at the reception. In addition, they were able to choose their favorite places. On the day of the wedding it would have been difficult to get to these places without delaying all their schedules. Last but not least, we were able to choose the right time of day to benefit from the best light and the best situation.

We started on the Gianicolo Hill at 6am, just before dawn;  then we went to Rome downtown very early in the morning with few or no people around. It was magical! Check out the photos below! 

What they said about us

“The photos of Alessandro and Giuseppe are works of art, capable of bringing to mind details, scenes, but above all emotions with the same strength as when they were experienced. Masters of light and expressiveness, there is no moment or gesture that manages to escape their goal. They are attentive and professional in every respect. As if that were not enough, they are of a UNIQUE sympathy! Impossible not to feel at ease with them … and on such a special day, where reactions are unpredictable, knowing how to entertain is not a trivial quality ” 

Here are the photos of the story of Ilaria and Massimiliano 

Wedding Photographer in Rome

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