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Tuscany Wedding Photographer | Fattoria di Petroio

Sofia & Timur, from Holland to Tuscany: the story of their intimate and relaxed wedding near Siena

Although I have worked several times as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the charming Fattoria di Petroio, a beautiful old estate in the countryside near Siena. The place is located in the ancient Borgo di Petrojo, a tiny medieval village that was built around a pre-existing Roman settlement. It is needless to say that Tuscany is a land full of beauty appreciated by so many people all over the world, who come here to celebrate their wedding. 

A wedding photographer in Tuscany has the good luck to always work in superb locations full of charm, the typical setting of the Tuscan countryside.
As soon as I approached the place, I immediately understood what attracted this nice and kind Dutch couple, Sofia and Timur, in deciding the perfect location for their big day in September: the charm of a timeless corner of Italy, surrounded by from secular olive trees and sweet vineyards. 

Thanks also to the warm hospitality of Diana – chef and manager of this small family business
– the event took place in a very composed way and in a relaxed atmosphere, with relatives and friends who ate well, drank wine and had a lot of fun!

What we love most about Tuscany is the soft golden light that waves over the sweet green landscape. This has positively influenced us in optimizing the colors of the images. We hope we have been able to bring back the golden and romantic atmosphere of Sofia and Timur in the photos to remember the warmth of their wedding story.

Getting ready for the “Yes I do”

Sofia has a very distinctive look and looks straight out of the big screen. It was easy with her, because she always had a very relaxed attitude in front of the camera. Generally we are aware that it takes a short period of adaptation to our presence. For this reason we start working in time during the preparation, in order to get the people portrayed accustomed to our presence. This is very important: it allows us to be “invisible” and not to influence the behavior of the people we photograph.

In this case Sofia had some doubts whether to have pictures also during the preparation. But later the bride changed her mind and it was all very simple and natural. In fact, after the wedding she confided to us that it had been the right choice both for the result of the images produced during this phase and for having reached that right degree of confidence with the camera in order to be more relaxed and no longer pay attention to our presence. 

She got ready in one of the rooms of the Farm together with her friends and witnesses and we had the opportunity to shoot several very beautiful images in which she and her friends laughed and joked about clothes, makeup, photos.

Timur is a nice guy. He got ready in another room very quickly and then reached the ceremony location.
As she got ready, Sofia was joined by her father to lead her to the ceremony. The relaxed mood favored our work and allowed us to capture images of these more natural moments and with unusual angles. Obviously, the splendid light of Tuscany and the typical environments of the farm contributed a great deal. 

An intimate ceremony under the trees

Arriving at the place of the ceremony Sofia walked down the aisle, which would take her to Timur, greeted by thunderous applause. One of the important things in these cases is the participation of the guests in what is happening. When we find situations like these in which the guests are active and participatory, it is always a pleasure to photograph and it is very likely to obtain very suggestive and exciting images. 

The ceremony has begun! A wedding photographer in Tuscany cannot fail to dedicate some photos to the splendid typical atmosphere made by a mixture of elements, such as the environment, the light and the enlightened soul of the people who experience this show. In an intimate wedding, everyone’s participation is even more evident. This was the case of Sofia and Timur, who celebrated their wedding ceremony in a very participatory environment with laughter and emotional moments. 

A short walk and some natural portraits

As usual, after the ceremony, we took a short walk with the couple for some couple portraits. As for the environment, the images speak for themselves: a wedding photographer in Tuscany is a lucky photographer! On the other hand, for the spouses and the way in which they placed themselves in front of the lens, it seems useful to say a few words. One of the things we always say to our couples, in addition to describing our photographic style and the goals we set ourselves, is the fundamental role they have in relation to wedding photos. 

Our goal is to tell a story and not to do a portrait or beauty session. In our opinion it makes no sense since so many things are already happening that we can resume and stop in memory. It is more appropriate to try to capture what we see and what happens, whether they are events or ways of relating between people. 

For this reason we try to establish a method of approach with bride and groom, in the phase of the couple photos, whereby we leave the widest freedom of expression and movement to obtain, in exchange, natural and meaningful images. 

Obviously, there should be our small intervention but this is limited to the framing and corrections of perspective and positional errors that can distract attention from the main subjects and from the reason why those specific images are taken. We establish a relationship with the couple that leads everyone to be as natural as possible and we favor an attitude of the subjects as detached as possible from the photographic session. In this case with Sofia and Timur we established an effective relationship in which they were relaxed and spontaneous  and we were able to capture very intense images that perfectly tell something about them and the atmosphere that warmed their hearts. 

The Reception

After the short walk with the bride and groom we headed to the other guests to continue the aperitif with them. The relaxed and party atmosphere has contributed a lot to obtaining a positive mood and allowing us to capture very beautiful and personal images of these moments.
Dinner began shortly after one of the wonderful Tuscan sunsets. A wedding photographer in Tuscany has natural “weapons” of great impact at his disposal! There were two imperial tables simply set up, which gave a splendid look of a rural family event, which we like very much. During the dinner there were many situations: various speeches, jokes, laughter, meaningful hugs, tears, in short, a sample of the most beautiful explanations of human relationships! 

After cutting the cake and the traditional throwing of the bouquet, the couple opened the dance with their first dance in a very natural way, without scenographic intent.
It was a warm family celebration, lived intensely by the participants. One of those weddings that we like best because of the variety of emotions we bring back home. 

So what are you waiting for? scroll down to see our selection of the best photos of the day! 

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