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Umbria Destination Wedding | Kelly-Anne & Russell

"Cannot describe how much I am in love with our wedding photos. You did an amazing job"

Kelly-Anne and Russell’s romantic Umbria Destination wedding at Borgo della Marmotta can be introduced by their own words. Here is what sweet Kelly-Anne wrote to us after receiving the photos: “I cannot describe how much I am in love with our wedding photos. You did an amazing job in capturing our perfect day !! ”. There is no greater reward for a wedding photographer than the full satisfaction of their clients. Especially for those who, like us, adopt a documentary and very personal style.

The two chose the Borgo della Marmotta Farm Resort  – in the heart of Umbria – to celebrate their intimate wedding with a small group of relatives and friends from the UK and other corners of Europe. An intimate wedding in a beautiful location, in a region that offers hospitality, warmth and many splendid views.

Kelly-Anne and Russell, get ready

They got ready at the farm, in the splendid rooms made available to them. Kelly-Anne did her own makeup so we had many opportunities to take pictures of this atypical moment. In fact, it is very rare for the bride to make up herself but when it happens it is always a pleasure for us,  just because of the possibility of obtaining more personal images. Of course, the work of a make-up professional reaches higher levels and is always a precious work, but not all make-up artists are, so to speak, also attentive to the aesthetic side of their presence.

It is not only a visual matter but above all an emotional one: a good make-up artist must in fact also have excellent interpersonal skills to put the client at ease. For this reason, we always recommend paying attention to the professionals that couples can choose. 

Just look at a photos of Kelly-Anne to understand that her face really needed few corrections and therefore her job was very simple. Russell got ready with his friends, best men and even his grandson. In an outfit with a vest and buttons, they looked like a real British brigade in the style of Peaky Blinders. Really nice!! Kelly also prepared with friends and bridesmaid who helped and supported her throughout the preparation. A very intense moment was when the father entered and saw his daughter, fully dressed in the wedding dress. Imagining the rest is very simple. 

The ceremony in the Borgo Vecchio Court

The ceremony took place in the external courtyard of the Borgo Vecchio. Russell, waiting for the bride, chatted and joked with his friends, drinking a beer. But this laid-back vibe only intensified as Kelly approached. Russell positioned himself, as usual in Anglo-Saxon ceremonies, with his back to the entrance of Kelly, who walked the central corridor of the ceremony settle with his father. The Court is a very welcoming and intimate place for a wedding ceremony. Stones and greenery alternate to create a typical Umbrian atmosphere. 

The ceremony was full of emotions. Kelly’s father could not resist the strong emotional impact and discharged his tension with a few tears. So did the bride, as she read his promises. All the guests participated with passion. One of the advantages of this type of ceremonies is right the fact that, due to the way the events unfold, people are led to have greater attention and participation.

Couple portrait photos in the park

After the ceremony we took a walk in the Olives garden where we captured some beautiful couple portraits of the two of them. A wedding at Borgo della Marmotta has the advantage of wonderful sceneries in which to distribute the various phases of the wedding without repetitions. The Olives garden is a real park, very beautiful and well kept. That day there was a beautiful light and the right hour of the day favored the shooting of sweet and emotional images of the spouses. 

The reception at Borgo della Marmotta

Then the reception began with aperitifs and canapés, in the shade of the centuries-old trees and by the pool. It was a rather hot day in late August and the pool was right there, close at hand … Obviously the newlyweds immediately took advantage of it and Kelly-Anne and her friends sat by the pool sipping an aperitif, chatting and putting their feet up to soak. We love brides who don’t mind having a more natural and casual attitude. Not only because they offer a better experience for themselves and for all the guests but also because they allow us to capture more authentic images that are able to better describe the people portrayed. 

A single large imperial table was set up for dinner. There were some special speeches from the father of the bride, the best man and the groom himself. One of our favorite photos of the day, which allowed us to win many photographic contests, is that of the Groom’s speech, with the Bride and the Groom’s mother wiping their tears in the same moment and a ray of sunshine that illuminates Kelly-Anne’s beautiful face at that precise moment. Pure magic. 

It was a perfect moment. These are the images that we continually look for, because with a single image they are able to tell a story, the atmosphere and all the emotions of the moment. 

After dinner, the couple took a moment for their dance. The atmosphere of the wedding at Borgo della Marmotta became warmer and accompanied everyone in the following dance party.


Borgo della Marmotta is truly peaceful and secluded, and is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Umbria. The sweetness of the landscape, the elegance and comfort of the interiors and the hospitality that goes back to ancient traditions, come together to make the Borgo della Marmotta the ideal location for weddings in Umbria! 

Staying with Kelly-Anne and Russell all day in this beautiful oasis we clearly picked the right recipe for a wonderful wedding day: a sunny day at the end of August, a perfect day planned by a professional like Wedding Italy, an enchanting village in the countryside of central Italy, good friends, lots of love and the right amount of genuine emotions! 

Umbria Destination Wedding Photographer 

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