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Villa Miani Wedding Photographer | Simona & Emanuele

Our story as wedding photographers is often intertwined with Villa Miani, one of the most exclusive locations in Rome

We often work as a wedding photographer at Villa Miani. It is probably one of the most beautiful and exclusive locations in Rome for weddings and events and, certainly, the one where we photograph many of our weddings. 

Built at the end of the nineteenth century, its neoclassical shape dominates the eternal city from the top of Monte Mario. It offers a spectacular and unique view over the city.

Getting ready to go

Simona got ready at home with all her family and friends and witnesses. During his preparation there were many moving and funny moments. When getting ready at home you can always benefit by the known environment and by the fact that friends and relative can participate and share these moments with bride or groom. The relaxed atmosphere favored our work. Manifestations of love and closeness, visibly expressed emotions have contributed in giving us the opportunity to capture memorable images to return to family and memory.

The ceremony at San Giovanni Battista dei Cavalieri di Rodi

Simona and Emanuele celebrated their religious ceremony at the exclusive Church of San Giovanni Battista dei Cavalieri di Rodi, in the Roman Forum. It is a very intimate and suggestive place to get married. 

It was an elegant ceremony and the first exciting moment was when the bride’s father, accompanying her to the altar, shook their hands tightly as a sign of approval and support. Composure was the watchword of the ceremony. The guests followed the ceremony and emotionally participated in the events.

The reception in Villa Miani

After the ceremony we went directly to Villa Miani where we had the opportunity to capture some couple portraits in the beautiful gardens of the Villa. 

Three imperial tables in the center of the courtyard divided the space between the other round tables. The table of the bride and groom was placed in front of all other tables. For the reception, the couple organized live music for their guests with a fabulous Gospel Choir which was very popular with the guests. After dinner, the couple enjoyed their first dance in the light of majestic fireworks on the main terrace of the Villa. 

The wedding day ended with wild dances after the cutting of the cake and the engaging music of the Brass Street Band that the couple engaged for the second part of the evening! 

Villa Miani Wedding Photographer

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