bride and groom move away after the wedding ceremony on the lawn of Villa dei Quintili in Rome on the ancient Appian Way while the waiters at the wedding take the chairs and prepare an aperitif

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The admirable Waiters at the Wedding

Among all of these people working to make the bride and groom's dream come true are the waiters.

The Wedding, a unique experience. The waiters at the wedding, our tribute

Anyone who has ever attended a wedding at least once will have experienced something extraordinary. The beauty of the church, set up and decorated with flowers and vestments, the magic of the bride and groom in their wedding gowns and the impeccable make-up of the bride as she glides down the aisle excitedly, clutching a beautiful bouquet. The sparkle of the reception venue, festively prepared with buffet tables set up and filled with delicacies, the background music that entertains us while we chat with people we haven’t seen in a while.

Then there is the reception hall with its round or banqueting tables, the perfection of the mise en place, often calculated to the centimeter, the flowers, the candles, the place cards, the soft light, in short, everything is designed to make that day unforgettable.

For the bride and groom, and for their friends and family, that day will be unforgettable. Of course, this is mainly because they celebrated a love story and a common journey together. But also because someone has made the dream of those newlyweds possible. Someone has worked, and has spent so much time and effort that on that day, that everything was perfect and worked like clockwork. Celebrating the important stages of our life is fundamental for our history, the history of our family and a right of passage.

Sometimes we hear that a wedding costs too much. In rare cases it is true, but generally it is not. Those who work in the industry immediately realize that the costs of management of various activities are often very high and the return is much lower than those same activities when they don’t take place at a wedding. You may hear, for example, that the price of the menu in wedding catering is three times the price of a restaurant meal.

Of course it’s true! In a wedding you have the opportunity to choose the menu to be presented in detail, how to present it and when. You choose which tables to have at dinner, where to put them, how to set them up, when to start and when to finish. All of this obviously takes resources, time, dedication and therefore comes at a price. Just think, simply serving the tables requires precise rules that waiters study (if you want to learn more about the rules of table service look here).

Not to mention all the people who work to make a wedding happen. For every single wedding there are at least 60 people working on it. Just for your wedding!


Among all of these people working to make the bride and groom’s dream come true are the waiters. They are the cogs that make the wedding machine run smoothly. They set up, move, clean and obviously serve at tables and buffets, while advising guests, chatting with them, and listening to everyone’s needs. They keep the whole event running like a well oiled machine.

They often move unnoticed but observe and react accordingly. While you’re chatting with your friends over a glass of prosecco, they’re moving set-ups from one side to another to prepare for the next moment. While you’re dancing, celebrating, toasting, they pass behind you to silently reach the people who have finished their wine or are waiting for a “top up” of their dish.

Unnoticed by the bride and groom and their guests, and so it should be, but not by us. Sometimes we love to portray funny and real scenes involving the waiters. Because at every wedding not only do we enjoy observing and capturing the emotions, feelings and relationships, but also the funny contradictions, the humorous side of every human interaction and that involves every person.

We want to dedicate this post to them, the waiters at the wedding. But also, by extension, to all the people who work to deliver an unforgettable day to those who will attend. 

Our passion is to photograph people in a way that is not only spontaneous and natural but, above all, tells something about the subjects portrayed. Photographs that highlight certain characteristics or simply reveal an unexpected, unique moment (if you want to learn more about our style look here).

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