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Intimate Wedding at Hotel Caruso in Ravello Amalfi Coast | Beverly & Sam

The passion for photography and for the enchanting Italian landscapes. Two guys from Los Angeles and their love journey on the Amalfi Coast

Beverly and Samson are a nice American couple who decided to celebrate their intimate wedding at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast. One of the things that pleased us most is that they are both serious amateur photographers. Moreover Beverly is the daughter of a professional photographer and that they have done a long research to choose their best wedding photographer in Ravello. The fact that they ended up their search on us fills us with pride and is the most important part of our job. 

Sam and Beverly met in college and became fellow students. They have been together for 13 years. The marriage proposal was made by Sam, in 2014, in front of a steaming cup of homemade hot chocolate. At the time Beverly was about to leave for a long trip to Europe, so they decided to go to the Amalfi Coast together to look for a location for their wedding. Their trip was decisive because when they arrived in Ravello they fell in love with the place and decided to get married there. 

On the Amalfi Coast they met Emma, their extraordinary wedding planner. She took them to different locations on the Amalfi Coast and led them finally to Ravello. As Beverly uses to say “Italy has always had (and still has) a magic on me. Since I was a teenager, I have always felt attracted to the country, the history, the well-made products and the cuisine. Sam and I fell completely in love with Italy and its people when we first visited it and since that trip we always thought it would be a dream to have our wedding there! And it happened!”. 

Getting ready at Hotel La Moresca in Ravello

The La Moresca hotel is located in the upper part of Ravello and can be easily reached by car directly. It is an ancient house in Ravello inhabited for over a century by the same family, then converted into a hotel. It has a splendid view on the sea and elegantly furnished rooms. 

Beverly got ready in her room with her parents. She is very fond of them and always seeks their gaze. After she put on the wedding dress, we took pictures with her parent, happy and proud of their daughter. Obviously there was no shortage of friends with whom she shared good times during the preparation. 

As usually happens to the grooms, Sam had the opportunity to get ready later by having breakfast on the terrace and enjoying the splendid panorama offered by the hotel balconies. Obviously he took some pictures of the moment himself and managed, even on his wedding day, to take the camera in hand. Photography is hi great passion! 

The Ceremony at Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Sam reached the ceremony site to await Beverly’s arrival. This is a moment that always involves strong emotions to the groom. Waiting for the coming of his beloved generates trepidation. Sam writhed his hands rubbing them: he was no longer in the skin! 

Beverly left the hotel with her friends and witnesses to reach the ceremony location. From Hotel La Moresca to Hotel Caruso there is not a long way to go, but it is all on foot and uphill. Interesting situations can arise in these moments. In fact, Beverly and her friends laughed a lot commenting on the bride’s walk. 

They celebrated a symbolic ceremony in the Wagner Garden of the Belmond Caruso Hotel. The garden takes its name from the German composer Richard Wagner who came to Ravello at the end of the 19th century and was struck by its beauty. 

Beverly entered the small aisle, which led towards Sam, together with her mother and father, who wanted to be with her also in this special moment. It goes without saying how emotional their ceremony was. The spouses exchanged their vows and there was no lack of touching moments and tears of joy. In the vows there was their whole story, made up of ups and downs but always full of love and mutual respect. 

Walking with Bride and Groom in Villa Rufolo

After the ceremony we took a walk in the alleys of Ravello, capturing spontaneous moments of the couple in this beautiful pearl of the Amalfi Coast. We arrived at Villa Rufolo, where the couple were able to enjoy a more intimate moment together. Villa Rufolo is one of the places to visit absolutely in Ravello. Its beauty and its history make it a pearl, indeed a diamond of this city on the Amalfi Coast. We took some portraits to the couple, leaving them free to relax and taking advantage of the most beautiful views of the villa, the most romantic corners, and also the most modern and design parts. 

The Wedding Reception at Hotel Caruso in Ravello

We then went back to the Hotel Caruso to continue the day with the aperitif and the wedding reception. The guests had already been able to appreciate its beauty while waiting for the bride and groom. The Hotel Caruso, now famous all over the world, is another of Ravello’s magical places and is the most popular destination for an intimate wedding like that of Beverly and Sam. An intimate wedding at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello is something special, both for the beauty of the places and for the hospitality. In fact, there are several possibilities for a couple who decides to get married here. Beautiful rooms, gardens, arcades and much more: the Hotel Caruso offers an excellent solution for a wedding in Ravello. 

The bride and groom and their guests took their seats at the imperial table to begin dinner. There were moments of hilarity, joy, toasts, and romantic moments. A small and participated wedding is always a very precious source of these moments because of the more intimate atmosphere that facilitates sharing. 

Organizing a dream wedding in Italy from the United States may not be easy. Thanks to Emma, Sam and Beverly were able to relax throughout the planning period and, of course, throughout their intimate wedding day at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello. 

Here is our selection of favorite photos of the day! 


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