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Wedding at Villa Piccolomini | Caroline & Charlie

Wedding at Villa Piccolomini: September, Sun and Ponentino Wind

Caroline and Charlie’s wedding at Villa Piccolomini was a dream event, with an emotional ceremony and an unforgettable reception. The couple chose to celebrate their love in Rome, during the best season of the year for a wedding, September, when the sun and Ponentino wind caress the city.

The wedding was masterfully handled by wedding planner Stefania Zen with her impeccable and sober touch, and with the support of competent professionals, she was able to coordinate the entire event, resulting in a special and flawless event.

The wedding at Villa Piccolomini by Caroline & Charlie began with the preparation of the bride and groom at the Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli in Rome, where Caroline and Charlie shared this special moment with their families and closest friends. During the preparation, Charlie gifted ties to his groomsmen, and Caroline wore a beautiful dress with pockets, which made her even more charming.

The ceremony at Basilica Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

The ceremony was held in the beautiful and ancient Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, in the heart of one of the most beautiful and youthful neighborhoods of Rome. A fantastic choir accompanied the bride and groom and guests during the celebration. Caroline and Charlie, along with their guests, sang and celebrated this unique and special moment. The exchange of rings was emotional, with the couple reciting their promises almost in whispers in total silence, creating a suspended and intimate atmosphere.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom paraded in front of their guests who applauded loudly, following them outside where they formed a corridor to let the bride and groom pass and celebrate them with the traditional throwing of rice and confetti.

The reception at Villa Piccolomini

After the ceremony, the bride and groom went to Villa Piccolomini to celebrate with their guests.

The floral decoration of the church and the villa was handled by the Villa Piccolomini staff, who created a spectacular scenario with tables surrounded by the green of the villa’s avenue and a warm color light design. During the reception, speeches from the bride’s father, the bride, the groom, and the groom’s brothers touched the hearts of all the guests.

After cake cutting, Caroline and Charlie danced and had fun with their friends and family, creating unforgettable and happy moments. The wedding at Villa Piccolomini was a wonderful event, where love and happiness reigned supreme.

In conclusion, the wedding at Villa Piccolomini by Caroline and Charlie was an unforgettable event, with an emotional ceremony and a reception full of love and joy. The couple chose a unique and wonderful location, which made this day even more special. All the guests appreciated this unforgettable day, which will remain forever in their minds and hearts.

A unique wedding with spontaneous and sincere photos and videos

What makes this wedding at Villa Piccolomini truly unique for the bride and groom is their choice to opt for a sincere and fresh photo and video service documented by Giuseppe and Alessandro. The documentary style, without poses and without interference, allowed to capture the feelings and emotions of the day in a natural and spontaneous way, resulting in a timeless memory for Caroline and Charlie.

The exclusive presence of Giuseppe and Alessandro, with no other cameramen, made it possible to document the flow of events without intrusions and without creating the movie-set atmosphere that would have congealed the unfolding of events. If you want to learn more about their style look here.

Photographers for your wedding at Villa Piccolomini

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