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Dream Wedding in Paris | Laura & Jordan

We packed our bags and took a flight to Paris: Laura, Jordan and their union in the Ville Lumiere

When Laura and Jordan first got in touch with us for their wedding in Paris, we were so thrilled, as they were planning a double event! They got married in a civil ceremony in Paris, their hometown, a few days before their Jewish religious wedding in Rome, organised by Elisa Orsetti of Eventi Le Reve.

They chose us as their wedding photographers for both events. So, on a beautiful day in May, we packed our photo bags and took a flight to Paris. We spent a couple of days in the “Ville Lumiere” sharing some special moments with the newlyweds and their beautiful families, both before and after the wedding. As a result, we were able to establish the right intimacy and harmony to do our job better. 

The getting ready

A couple of hours before the ceremony we joined Laura and her family in their splendid flat in a residential area of Paris. Very well lit by the large windows, it offered a fine view and lots of natural light, which we photographers always love making the images more natural and exciting and our presence less cluttered. 

The whole family participated in the preparation by sharing hilarious and exciting moments. Laura got ready with her sisters. They engaged in chatter around the table typical of a classic French film. It was very funny. At one point Jordan showed up and then we knew it was almost time to go.

The ceremony in the town hall of the XVI arrondissement

We have reached the place of the ceremony, the town hall of the XVI arrondissement. A beautiful room with a monumental staircase to reach the ceremony hall. We quickly realised that we could be able to capture some images of the bride’s entrance from that position, emphasizing the splendid staircase. We looked at the room and the points where we could have more interesting views and where the most important events would have taken place. 

One of the most important thing in destination weddings is to get to know the places where ceremonies, celebrations and all the other phases of the wedding will take place. This allows you to anticipate any problems to be solved and get an idea of the right positions to take to be able to capture better images not being obtrusive. 

In the hall the light was beautiful. Large open windows caressed the guests and the newlyweds with a soft and warm light. The guests sat down and the newlyweds entered with a crackle of applause and encouragement. 

After the “yes I do” we glimpsed a scene worthy of a painting: everyone applauded the spouses, concentrating their glances and smiles on them. We ran behind the celebrant and were able to capture this significant image by raising the camera high. One of the reasons why we work with small and silent cameras is to have the ability to capture important moments in absolute silence and without disturbing the celebration. The tilting monitor of our cameras, then, gives us the possibility to take images with unthinkable angles. 

The wedding reception at Bois de Boulogne

After the ceremony, the time has come for the newlyweds to receive their guests at the beautiful Pavillon Royal Bois De Boulogne. The location has quite a few terraces that faces to the greeny and famous Bois de Boulogne. It has a splendid outdoor garden where the bride and groom could celebrate a welcome drink with guests and a magnificent view of the lake.

It goes without saying that a reception buffet with no seated lunch at table offers more convivial moments. This type of solution leaves the guests free to move and chat with everyone. In this situation, next to the lake and surrounded by greenery, it almost seemed to participate in an elegant picnic almost in the center of Paris. It is a solution that we have always liked because in addition to making us feel the festive and relaxed atmosphere of the event it also allows us to have many moments to capture with our cameras. 

Everything was enlivened by sweet music from a live band. All of a sudden, they increased the rhythm of the music and the dances began. Everyone on the dance floor!! It was a lot of fun to shoot exciting scenes during the dance of the bride and groom and their family. 

Then at some point everything stopped … and many people moved to organise something. We understood that the Henna ceremony was about to begin. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a very ancient tradition that is based on the properties of a plant, the henna. It is considered a good luck charm, perhaps because in ancient times its benefits for hair and skin were already known. 

The processing of this plant is aimed at obtaining a brown-orange paste, which is spread on the palm of the hand and protected with a band. After a few days the stain created by the paste disappears. It is a very beautiful and intense rite, which evokes ancient testimonies and links the Jewish religious tradition with a thread of continuity. 

After cutting the cake, the couple took a little rest before going downtown for some couple photos.

Photos with the Bride and Groom in Paris

With Laura and Jordan we had a couple portrait photo session along the Seine, where we were able to capture some iconic images of the couple, of the city and its magical lights. Needless to say, the beauty of Paris, especially in the evening when the romantic aura falls between the lights of the city. We concentrated near the famous Pont des Invalides, where we had a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower. We arrived when it was still daylight and we took a walk. At nightfall, the lights of the bridge also turned on and together with the lights of the city and the famous tower we captured some very romantic images. 

We must always look under the bridges because they often hide many surprises. In this case, in fact, we found a particular atmosphere with the mixed iron and brick structures reminiscent of nineteenth-century industrial structures. In addition, the scene was illuminated in a masterly way, almost resembling an open-air movie set. Click and go! 

The next day we met again at Plance de la Concorde for a daily post-wedding photo session. This is a solution that we always recommend to couples who wish to have a more in-depth couple photo session. In fact, on the wedding day there is never the right time: the anxiety of arriving early at the reception (rightly) and of not leaving the guests for too long without the spouses, brings many difficulties to those who want to have a more intense couple photo shoot. In a post-wedding session, there is no rush, you can choose the best time, the preferred places, etc: you can reach more distant locations without anxiety. In short, an excellent choice. 

We plunged with the spouses into the full Parisienne atmosphere trying to create natural images of their love story. 

A wedding in Paris. For us it was the first time (we had covered weddings in France but in other locations) and we loved it. We immediately found ourselves at ease with various displacements and difficult locations to shoot. 

Enjoy this series of wedding photos in Paris!

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