bride and groom having a beer and relaxing in the memorial house museum of peppino impastato

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Friendly Wedding in Sicily | Unconventional Lovers

A beautiful land reminding me of words full of meaning like Family, Sea, Sun.... David is my brother

Angela and David chose me as their photographer for their wedding in Sicily. This beautiful land always reminds me of words full of meaning like Family, Sea, Sun…. 

This is the case because David is my brother. I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings and emotions in photographing his wedding. 

David and Angela are unconventional lovers, exactly as can be understood from these images. 

Everything in their day was out of the box: their way of being, their homes, the location they chose, the walk by the sea, with a beer and a visit to the Memorial House Peppino Impastato Museum. If our mother could read this post, she would surely be moved. Like every mother, her greatest desire has always been to see the paths of her children get closer and closer. 

Meanwhile David was getting ready in one of the thousand rented houses for bathers in Cinisi. It is a well known seaside resort and in summer it is filled with vacationers. Those who have even a small property, flat or house rent it out for the occasion. After getting ready, David walked to the place of the ceremony kissed by the warm morning sun that left long shadows on the road. 

The ceremony took place at Cinisi Town Hall, where there was a group of guests waiting for the bride and groom, already seated in the room, together with the celebrant. The bride arrived in the car with her father and entered the room to the appreciation of the bystanders. I was in an “official” capacity but the thrill of seeing David, my brother, getting married was enormous. I had to go through the whole experience to keep concentrated during these moments. 

After the ceremony we headed straight to the bar opposite for a toast with the witnesses and family members. For our experience, a wedding in Sicily has more relaxed times and atmospheres that allow you to enjoy the moments of the day and David and Angela, unconventional lovers, have accentuated this aspect even more. 

We took a walk to Cinisi retracing the I Cento Passi of Peppino Impastato and then entered his memorial house where we stopped for a few moments to take some pictures. It was past noon when the couple expressed the desire to take some pictures on the beach. Despite the high temperature (it was the hottest day of the year in the hottest area of Italy) we took a walk on the beach and then went to the reception venue.

The lunch was organized in a beautiful and typical farmhouse. We were welcomed by an aperitif by the pool and then in the room (fresh, finally) where lunch took place. The atmosphere was that of a family celebration. We chatted, laughed, joked, danced to the music of a guitar and a violin, it seemed like an unforgettable Sunday lunch for an extended family. A wedding in Sicily of unconventional lovers with David and Angela had never happened to me and I don’t say that because he is my brother (maybe just a bit…). 

I must say that it is difficult for me to write something about this day. Feelings overlap and clarity fades. Just by the fact that every time I looked my brother in the eye I saw reflections of our mother’s you can understand what conflicting feelings I may have about that day. All my relatives also caught my attention and made my role more complicated. In short, it was not easy for many reasons but it was certainly a memorable day.

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