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Elegant Wedding in Villa Gamberaia Florence | Miriam & Will

Villa Gamberaia is the perfect location for those who love the typical landscapes of Tuscany and historic buildings.

If you’re planning a wedding in Villa Gamberaia, in Florence, you’ll enjoy this wedding!

The Miriam & Will Wedding in Villa Gamberaia in Florence has been an elegant and joyful event and for us wedding photographers in Tuscany an opportunity to tell another beautiful story. Villa Gamberaia is a historic villa, built in the early 1600s and known for its magnificent gardens. It is located on the hills of Florence in a wonderful position overlooking the Arno valley. The Villa is well known for its unique plant and garden setting, one of the most beautiful in the Tuscan landscape. 

The getting ready for wedding in Villa Gamberaia

It all started at Villa Gamberaia on a beautiful sunny day in the Tuscan countryside. Miriam got ready with her family in a convivial atmosphere. Will with his friends and witnesses on a separate apartment. In both situations there were exciting moments with laughter and the joy of being in a wonderful place for one of the most important events of one’s life. The feeling of being at the right time in the right place made the air vibrate. 

The ceremony

After getting ready, Will reached the ceremony site first to wait for his bride. The ceremony took place in the characteristic garden with the exedra, giving the guests and our eyes a truly suggestive proscenium. During the ceremony a choir performed, which made the service very special and personal. 

The ceremony was an open air religious ceremony. The guests sat down waiting for the arrival of the bride and she arrived accompanied by her father and two bridesmaids. 

The slow and rhythmic entrance (as it should be) allowed the guests to enjoy the moment by looking up at the bride and groom’s eyes. Will was visibly excited and cannot wait anymore. Miriam advanced slowly to the rhythm of the music.

After their meeting there was the introduction of the celebrant and some exchange of words. Then the exchange of promises, of the ring and the rest of the ceremony followed. After that, the bride and groom turned and walked together in the open corridor among the guests, who enveloped them with applause and laughter. The wedding aisle is a habit that we have always loved because it always gives us wonderful images of vitality and happiness. And this wedding in villa Gamberaia was not an exception!

The Reception 

After the ceremony, the couple joined their guests for an aperitif in the gardens of the Villa. It was afternoon and the early June sun was warmly lighting up the aperitif garden. During the aperitif we captured some photos of the couple, their toast and a very short walk nearby. 

A double imperial table had already been set for dinner. The place chosen for dinner was just perfect, overlooking the wonderful surrounding landscape of Florence. The imperial table, we must say, always has its great charm. It is both elegant and engaging and gives the impression of union and conviviality. A cross between a family reunion table and an official royal lunch but always maintaining the charm of simplicity. 

With the wedding table in this position you can take breathtaking views when the light goes down and the Florence lights in the distance grow stronger. And that’s exactly how we did it, going up to the upper floor of Villa Gamberaia and capturing a landscape view that we are envied all over the world. 

The dinner was very quiet. The guests enjoyed the meal and chatted with others. The couple spent its time at table with their laughter and toasts.

After the dinner, the cutting of the cake. As in the most ancient Italian tradition, the cake was flat and fruity. The tiered cake, as we know, is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that is now often found in weddings all over the world. The traditional Italian wedding cake is instead the flat cake, preferably fruit millefeuille. And there was it! A praise to Villa Gamberaia and to the newlyweds for their choice. Don’t get us wrong: the tiered cake is spectacular and we love it, but for a wedding in pure Italian tradition in the heart of Tuscany, this detail could not be missing. 

After the cutting of the cake the dances !! The spouses, unleashed, almost gave life to a choreography with their dances. Slow first and then faster. The guests also took advantage of it: what better way to work off the excellent dinner? We obviously were ready to seize the moments.
At a certain time we left the event and the couple with a last shot in another area of the garden of the villa.

Why Villa Gamberaia is an ideal place to get married

Villa Gamberaia is the perfect location for those who love the typical landscapes of Tuscany and historic buildings. It is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Florence. The venue offers an extraordinary atmosphere for a wedding and there are many wonderful corners, perfect for photos.

The atmosphere is perhaps the sum of many aspects that make Villa Gamberaia a precious pearl of the Florence countryside. The location, the conformation, the gardens, the interiors, the hospitality. Well, guys, we are in Tuscany, what else? 

Miriam contacted us to be her wedding photographers in Tuscany well in advance and we were more than happy to have the privilege of witnessing her union with William in this beautiful setting. Miriam and Will are from London but currently live in Hong Kong, so you can imagine the international atmosphere we all breathed at their wedding thanks to the variety of their guests.

Wedding Planner: Kasimira Weddings

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