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Wedding in Villa Miani | Elisa & Marcello

Elisa and Marcello are two nice guys. I met them as they were looking for a photographer for their wedding at Villa Miani and it was immediately magic

Elisa and Marcello are two nice guys. I met them as they were looking for a photographer for their wedding in Villa Miani and it was immediately magic between us. I have always found in Elisa and Marcello those characteristics that make people special to me.

It was a hot Saturday in September. This season in Rome is special because the temperature drops while remaining pretty warm; the city is repopulated by the Romans who have returned from vacation with a lot of news. It is one of the most beautiful months for a wedding, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. September weddings in Rome are special.

The preparation

At Elisa’s house there were many people including her little cousins. They ​​were intrigued by the stages of preparation: how exciting it can be for children to see an adult of their family so busy on having her make-up and hair done? It may look like a kind of beneficial magical rite for them or maybe it is just the curiosity of something never seen before. What is certain is that on that September afternoon they were aware that something unusual and extraordinary was happening.

During the preparation there was no agitation but as a sort of suspended bubble, as if time was running slower. Everyone got ready in almost religious silence. There are many photographs of these moments: photos of the bride’s makeup, photos of the bride’s hairstyle, photos of the bride’s preparation and photos of the other people who shared the moment.

Leaving the house, the agitation grew and tense smiles were printed on the faces and photos. Elisa immediately got into the car and greeted me from the closed window “See you in the church, please don’t delay :-)”

The Wedding Ceremony at SS. Nereo ed Achilleo

In the church, Marcello was waiting patiently. He has an adorable, mild, balanced character. I found him welcoming guests, chatting with his friends. I had time to take some photos of the guests waiting and smoking their last cigarette before the service started. Everything was composed and elegant.

The ceremony location was decorated with a simple and elegant floral arrangement of white hydrangeas and two long ropes of nebbioli that marked the central aisle.

Marcello entered the church and his friends took pictures of his strange face. I took pictures of friends while they make fun of him :-). The rings arrived worn by a beautiful blond angel.

Elisa arrived in front of the church. The church of SS. Nereo ed Achilleo in Rome is a beautiful building and the car can almost reach the portal.

The bride’s entry into the church is always a magical moment: all eyes are focused on her and on the exchange of glances between the spouses. Parents barely hold back the tears. Elisa came to Marcello. He bent down to kiss her, squeezing her hand tightly. He accompanied her to the altar while continuing to stare. The beautiful scene of sharing between them ended with the sound of the bell: the priest entered, the function began.

One of the things I like most about the Church of Saints Nereo and Achilleo in Rome is that at the exit the space is sufficient for the guests to almost naturally form a corridor inside which the spouses pass to take their greetings and rice. Elisa and Marcello were showered with white petals and rice and then quickly hided themselves in the car.

Portraits, bride and groom photo shoot

We went for a walk to the Campidoglio to take some pictures with the couple. I have always liked the wedding photos at the Campidoglio. You have breathtaking views of the Roman Forum and the splendid Michelangelo square with its arcades. Also it has an unusual view over the jewish ghetto’s from where you can enjoy a splendid view, especially at sunset.

We were lucky enough to be there at just the right time, managing to capture images of Rome with the stunning  spouses. We all had was pleasant walk. We chatted, laughed and joked. Everything unfolded in total harmony and relax.

The reception in Villa Miani 

Once at Villa Miani, the couple went to greet their loved ones and celebrate with them. I flew to take some pictures of the room set up before the guests arrived.

Villa Miani is always a show but even more it is in the evening. Needless to talk about its breathtaking view, its immense garden, its terraces. Right on the most beautiful terrace, the patio, the round tables were arranged, elegantly set up with flowers and candles. I took some photos quickly before diving into the people to capture moments of conviviality.

Since the bride, the groom and guests took their seats, there was a succession of toasts, dances, laughter. An intense and widespread whirlwind of emotions. We shot a lot, lots of situations, lots of stories.

I will always remember how Marcello looked at Elisa. His gaze was full of feelings. It’s nice to work as a wedding photographer in Rome especially when you meet people like them.

Wedding Photographer in Villa Miani

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