Wedding Photos and Videos in Rome

Wedding Photos and videos in Rome

Unconventional wedding photos and videos in Rome

If you are looking for wedding photos and videos in Rome with an unconventional style and characteristics, you are in the right place. Our style is spontaneous, natural and without poses. We want to create photos and videos that represent a true memory of you and your wedding. We love photographing people and the connections between them. 

We love observing and capturing photos and videos of key moments, but especially of the “off” moments that are perhaps more meaningful to describe and narrate a character, a person, an event. We don’t like clichés and we try not to have plans in mind when we take photos or shoot videos. We look, we observe, we capture. This is our way of being unconventional.

bride and groom holding hands in the cloister of the istituto studi romani with rome in the background image as it appears in wedding photos and videos in rome

Wedding photos and videos in Rome together

What does “together” mean? It means that – unlike the vast majority of studios that deal with wedding photos and videos in Rome –  we want to offer a complete service that has a unique, simple and consistent style. For this reason we adopt an alternative method: we take photos and shoot videos ourselves! Yes, that’s right, we take care of both the photos and the video. 

We take photos and shoot videos with the same cameras, without the help of other operators, or additional bulky equipment. This allows us to achieve 3 fundamental goals

– The style of the photos and video is the same: simple and essential

– We are very unobtrusive and almost invisible. You won’t even notice that we are also shooting video.

– The editing, too, is simple and straightforward, without frills.

If you would like to get a better idea and watch more videos click here. If you’d like to see our portfolio of photos, instead, go here. Do you want more info about our services and how we work? Go here.