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If you don't wish for a conventional video, you've come to the right place!

We tell your story while preserving its authenticity and exclusivity

Welcome to our video portfolio! Here you will find the work of photographers who love to capture the true and authentic moments of life.

Our style is a skilful blend of techniques, from documentary to editorial, and focuses on creating personal videos that tell true, emotionally moving stories.

As you will see, each video tells a different story from the next because the people, the rhythm of the wedding, the connection between people, the atmosphere all change.

We are passionate about our job and believe that our mission is to capture the emotions of the moment and create a sincere and lasting memory that will bring back authentic memories over time.

Guys! we received the video.. it’s awesome ! You guys did an amazing job and we will never stop thanking you!!!! IT’S JUST AS WE WANTED

Caroline & Charlie

Iain & Lewis

Francina & Martin - Short

Francesca & Lorenzo

gianna & rocco

emanuela & enrico

eleonora & valerio

flavia & daniele


People who choose our videos love our simplicity and discretion with which we blend in. Our videos are shot by ourselves without the help of other operators and additional equipment.